Jerusalem Hall

The Jerusalem Hall is tastefully decorated in the theme of the peace-loving olive tree and symbols of the ancient city of Jerusalem. The audience sits facing a glass wall, behind which, embedded in layers of soil, are large clay jars, pots and amphorae resembling an authentic archeological dig.

The hall is located on the -2P level can accommodate up to 240 people. The meeting hall is 19 meters long and 7.65 meters wide/62 ft. x 25 ft.; its area is 145 square meters/ 1560 square feet. Restrooms are conveniently located adjacent to the hall.

The Jerusalem Hall is an ideal venue for prayer meetings, lectures on the history and geography of the Holy City, special group programs, orientations and festivities.

The Jerusalem Hall can be equipped with:

  • FREE WIFI throughout the entire hotel, including all meeting and conference rooms
  • Overhead Projector
  • Stationary and Portable Sound System
  • Flip Charts and White Boards
  • Electronic Screens
  • Portable TV and Video Systems
  • Lecterns
  • 3 Types of Microphones: Standing Mike, Wireless & Lavalier (clip-on)
  • Stage Lights
  • Digital Projector (for an extra fee)