Shalom Salam Dining Room

The Shalom Salam Dining Room, conveniently located adjacent to the lobby, is the hotel’s main dining room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here. The area of the room is 480 square meters/5167 square feet. The hall can accommodate 280 diners when seated around tables or 250 people in a theater-style arrangement. Capacity for a cocktail party or reception is 350 people.

The hotel’s main dining room can be divided into two sections. Shalom Salam A seats 120 diners and Shalom Salam B seats 160, with a total of 280 diners hosted at one time. In a theater-style arrangement Shalom Salam A seats 110 people, and Shalom Salam B seats 140 people.

The Olive Tree Hotel is known for its fresh, delicious Middle Eastern and international cuisine. The menu combines traditional Jerusalem dishes with Western specialties all prepared by our talented and experienced chef.

Guests with special food needs such as gluten-free or sugar-free can be easily accommodated. Just speak to the Maitre d' or the person in charge of the dining room and he will arrange a meal appropriate for your special diet.

Don’t miss our famous “Israeli breakfast” buffet which includes fresh tomatoes, cucumbers with dill, peppers, tuna, egg salad, Greek salad, grapefruit and oranges in season, Matthias fish, herring, olives, pickles, yellow cheese, Bulgarian cheese, Safed cheese, garlic dill cheese, cheese with olives, prune compote, peach compote, cantaloupe and watermelon in season, baked cheese, an assortment of freshly baked pastries, a large selection of special breads and many other freshly prepared delicacies.

There is an enclosed glass terrace extending from the Shalom Salam Dining Room which can seat up to 70 guests. Looking out through the glass windows the guests in the terrace can sit and enjoy the beautiful view of Jerusalem as the natural light enters and fills the terrace.