Qumran Hall

The newly-opened Qumran Hall is named after the site closest to the cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. The intimate size of the Qumran Hall makes it an ideal setting to host gatherings for small numbers of people . The hall provides the perfect atmosphere for groups to conduct Bible study sessions as well as to share spiritual ideas.

The Qumran Hall is located on the -3P level of the hotel. It can accommodate 60 people in theater style-seating and 25 people in U-shaped seating or boardroom style. The hall is 6.98 meters long and 9.20 meters wide (23 ft x 30 ft); its area is 64 square meters/ 689 square feet.

The Qumran Hall can be equipped with:

  • FREE WIFI throughout the entire hotel, including all meeting and conference rooms
  • Overhead Projector
  • Stationary and Portable Sound System
  • Flip Charts and White Boards
  • Electronic Screens
  • Portable TV and Video Systems
  • Lecterns
  • 3 Types of Microphones: Standing Mike, Wireless & Lavalier (clip-on)
  • Stage Lights
  • Digital Projector (for an extra fee)