From Montana

Reverend Jhon Ulrich bus capitan of an EO tour:

“My highlight on tour was our communion at the Garden Tomb. I anointed everyone with frankincense and myrrh. A young man from Norway visiting the Garden Tomb joined us. Another highlight for me was visiting the Western Wall.” Fellow participant, Dean Sampson from Ames, Iowa added that he offered a petition for all his family members back home. Rita Ulrich said, “I was raised Catholic and was overwhelmed at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem by the candles and the priests. God brought me to the Holy Land to that particular place."

“We’re staying in Jerusalem at the Olive Tree Hotel and I don’t know if you could have a better facility. And the food is out of this world. Every meal! One member of our tour has been taking pictures of the beautiful display of food at the breakfast and dinner buffets!” And the hotel couldn’t be more quiet. In addition, the staff is extremely pleasant.”

From Boston, Massachusetts

Norman S:

“I’m here for in Jerusalem, staying at the Olive Tree Hotel for a week. This is my third day. So far, my highlight has been visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and walking along the Via Dolorosa.

"My daughter Madeleine, who is a college student, and I have walked from the hotel to the city center on several occasions. I loved the open market at Mahane Yehuda – it was good fun and we bought dried fruit.” “ Most of all I am overwhelmed by the intensity of the entire environment.”

From Montgomery, Alabama

Danny and Peggy Massey:

“We’ve done a good bit of world traveling – England, Africa, Jamaica, Puerto Rico – and the Olive Tree Hotel is the nicest place to stay.

When we received our itinerary and we saw our tour was booked at the Olive Tree Hotel, we said to each other “All right!” The food is simply awesome.

The last time we were here, we stayed at the Olive Tree Hotel and walked to the Old City and found a restaurant that served stuffed pigeon for lunch! Today we have a free day and plan to explore the Old City market.”

From Stuttgart, Germany

Alex Schildmann is having his sneakers polished. He’s come to Israel with 34 other participants from his church in Stuttgart, Germany and is about to depart with his group for the airport.

“My highlight of the five days in Jerusalem was the visit to Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Memorial) and also Sunday morning worship services at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Redeemer in the Old City.” “I think the Olive Tree Hotel is very modern. I especially enjoyed the latest technology with Internet access in my room. I was able to upload my photos to Facebook (I have one thousand photos!) and my friends have been looking at them and emailing me, ‘Whoa, how awesome!’ and they want to come to tour Jerusalem!”

From Vancouver, Canada

Dale and Wendy Warr:

“Our highlight was reading about Golgotha and seeing a skull where Jesus was crucified and the tomb. We had communion in the garden with our group of Americans and Canadians. Our tour guide provided olive wood communion cups,” said Dale Warr.

“We like the hotel very much,” said Wendy. The maitre d’ was very nice to us and the waiters are efficient. The food was awesome, especially the variety. The people at the reception were very helpful by providing maps and storing our luggage when we were off for the day.”

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the Scripture is so much more meaningful having seen the holy places.”

From South Carolina

Edna Coker:(left in photo) after five days in Jerusalem

“Jerusalem is such a sacred place. The southern teaching steps to the Temple Mount were very impressive. Today, our guide, Dr. John Currid from the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies taught us on the steps.”

Fellow tour member Crossie Cox said, “Jerusalem is a multicultural center within a very small area. And I thought the Olive Tree Hotel was excellent with good food and good service. Our room was just perfect. Maid service was wonderful. The room was cleaned spotless every day.” Her husband John added, “We even had CNN and Fox on TV!”

From Louisiana

Steve Scoggin:

It’s our second day in Jerusalem. Today we went to the Old City and saw the Holy Sepulcher Church, the Wailing Wall, Antonia Fortress. It’s all fascinating.

Jerusalem’s been on my bucket list for about four or five years. The history of the churches interests me most -- the relationships between the various churches and how they exist side by side. They’re dysfunctional and still manage to function!

The hotel is really nice. We are surprised that the hotel has Wifi.

From Charlotte, North Carolina

Jeanne Tucke:

“I’m going to be 81 in about 30 days and this is my 15th trip to the Holy Land. Jerusalem is the place which beckons me to come back. On this trip my highlight was visiting Shepherds Fields in Bethlehem and singing “Amazing Grace” in St. Anne’s Church.”

“I love the Olive Tree Hotel. Very nice! We stayed on a kibbutz up north and when we got here, it was so exceptional! And I like its location.”

“When I get home, I’ll put something up on Facebook about the tour. I want to encourage people to save money to make this trip to the Holy Land.”

From New Jersey

Jeanne and Jerry Kapla:

“On the plane over, we met a Hassidic couple who told us they have a “small” family with “only” five kids. They were coming to attend two family weddings. Jerry asked them how many invited guests at each and they said 800 to 1,000!”

Jerry said being Jewish, “we feel part of our heritage here, seeing what’s been accomplished." Jeanne added that they had been walking since they arrived in Jerusalem. “We loved Masada, Bethlehem and the Wailing Wall. The Children’s Memorial at Yad Vashem is a lot to digest.”

“We like the Olive Tree Hotel – we’ve been here for five nights. The hotel is clean and everyone is so very nice.”

From southern California

Melodee and John Fox:

“We saw a lot of things in a short period of time. The walls of the Old City stand out. The market place was fabulous – the sights and smells and so many colors. At the Olive Tree Hotel the food is good and the rooms are quiet.”

“We are surprised at how close everything is. Israel is such a small country. Points of interest are a mile and a half apart. In California we live 60 miles from our church. Jerusalem to Bethlehem is a hop, skip and a jump!”

Melodee was moved to tears when listening to her almost 84-year-old mother recounting her highlight. “My son Matthew (a Methodist pastor) read the Christmas story in Bethlehem just like he has every Christmas Eve. I never thought I would be standing with my son in the Church of the Nativity.”