HD 42" Hotel IPTV

High Definition 42" Hotel IPTV with superb digital picture and sound quality. The IPTV system uses an advanced network and internet technology to provide a true digital experience. Enjoy a full range of entertainment services, including over 50 international television channels and FREE internet browsing, all from the comfort and privacy of your hotel guestroom.

The system includes:

  • Free Access to many digital TV and radio channels from around the world.

  • Guest channel providing services to guests such as: messages, bills, wake-up calls, check in/out.

  • Internet access, browsing and direct connection to many applications ( Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc).

  • Library of high definition movies to choose from.

  • Channel selection by language or genre.

  • Subtitles and teletext supported in different languages.

  • Parental control of TV channels.

  • Paid movies on demand.

  • Compatible with digital terrestrial, satellite and cable world standards.