Located in the center of Jerusalem between east and west, the Olive Tree Hotel is perfectly situated to act as a venue for international organizations pursuing peace and cooperation. Adjacent to many churches such as the St. George Cathedral, the Notre Dame Pontifical Institute, the Nazarene Church and the Garden Tomb, the Olive Tree Hotel hosts many interdenominational meetings and acts as an interfaith center.

Because of its location in the American Colony Christian neighborhood, in proximity to both the Jewish and Muslim sections of Jerusalem, religious leaders of all faiths feel comfortable lecturing and participating in conventions and meetings held at the hotel. The hotel employs both Jewish and Arab staff and we are proud to work in an international atmosphere of tolerance and cooperation.

From an intimate gathering to a mega-meeting, the Olive Tree Hotel can cater to the needs of every group. Eight halls of various sizes all personify the theme of the olive tree and ancient Jerusalem. You'll find the professional Olive Tree Hotel staff courteous, friendly and helpful. Our technical support team is known for their expertise in the fields of telecommunications and networking and can assist in planning and facilitating events. Our dedicated staff works with the customer to ensure the event is successful and memorable to all participants.

8 Different Venues for Meetings

The Olive Tree Hotel offers eight venues for events ranging from an intimate gathering in the Mount of Olives Hall on the eighth floor which seats 20 participants around oval tables to a large conference in the spacious Jasmine Hall which seats 400 participants in a theater-style arrangement. Your choice of venue includes the courtyard-like Olive Tree Garden which surrounds the ancient olive tree of which many Jerusalem legends have sprung.

For brainstorming in small groups during your meeting, you may find the Oasis Bar with its Middle Eastern d├ęcor and relaxed informal atmosphere especially stimulating. For lectures and seminars, the newly opened medium-sized Qumran and Jericho Halls may be most appealing. For groups of up to 240 our tastefully decorated Jerusalem Center Hall is an ideal choice.

Each meeting hall can be equipped with:

  • FREE WIFI throughout the entire hotel, including all meeting and conference rooms
  • Overhead Projector
  • Stationary and Portable Sound System
  • Flip Charts and White Boards
  • Electronic Screens
  • Portable TV and Video Systems
  • DVD Player
  • Lecterns
  • 3 Types of Microphones: Standing Mike, Wireless & Lavalier (clip-on)
  • Stage Lights
  • Digital Projector (for an extra fee)
  • Upon request, for an extra fee, the Olive Tree Hotel can provide additional equipment for teleconferencing, videoconferencing and simultaneous translations



To accompany your meeting, the Olive Tree Hotel banquet staff would be happy to prepare:

  • Coffee, cake and fruit platters served during break times.
  • A light lunch with a buffet of sandwiches
  • A dairy brunch
  • A lunch meat buffet
  • A farewell dinner party with a customized menu